About Us

We take pride in offering competitive pricing, excellent customer service, and top-notch craftsmanship.

Building strong customer relationships is our utmost priority as we are  committed to assisting you and providing guidance for any slot,video poker,
pinball,arcade concerns you may have. K-LAR stands out as a unique company specializing in the repair and maintenance of older machines, both mechanical
and electronic as well as their associated components.

Klar was originally owned and operated by husband and wife team Larry and Kathy Weber. Larry worked at Bally for quite a few years before operating Klar
and helped the Las Vegas Valley for many years before his death in 2009. Alan and Larry spent 10 years servicing customers and repairing their various games.

Alan has a degree in electronics from a technical school called DeVry.

As a Vietnam era USAF military vet Alan learned how to troubleshoot complicated equipment as a SAC Missile technician.

Alan, KLAR's lead service technician and shop manager, was brought into Klar slot and amusement services in 2015 and has been immersed in the gaming industry since relocating to Las Vegas in 1977.
During this time, he honed his expertise by studying and working in the engineering lab of a local gaming company while
gaining a deep understanding of gaming systems. He managed a slot repair shop within a well-known casino for a decade and also contributed to the
development of software and hardware for various popular casino and industrial neon and incandescent signs.
Over the past decade, Alan has been an invaluable member of the K-LAR Electronic Slot Repair team,
successfully repairing a wide array of machines and related components while providing service calls throughout the Las Vegas valley.
Alan remains dedicated to assisting you with your unique needs and challenges. He loves designing and redesigning boards for older machines
as well as test fixtures to help troubleshoot issues faster!

Barry has been in the arcade repair side for 20 years and has had many great mentors and teachers from the top repair technicians
at Sega/Namco/Williams and Gottlieb to guru's like Tim Arnold, Ken Layton and Randy Fromm. He supports many arcades throughout
the valley and donates time at Pinball Hall of Fame to help keep their arcades working . Alan brought Barry on in 2020 to Klar to help
with service calls and CRT monitor work. Shortly after joining the crew the current owner wanted to sell the business and Barry bought
the company and redesigned it to include pinball and arcade related items and their components as well as a growing online ebay presence
so people can purchase spare parts to help fix their own machines.  Barry enjoys learning new ways of repair and learning about older diagnostic
equipment as well as manufacturing arcades and redemption equipment for mainstream commercial use.